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exhibition Mairangi Arts Center

View of the Gallery Exhibition


This piece explores dyslexic life as a gathering of openings. One collaborator described the piece as being like the gathering of the particles of life. This was another interactive piece as my collaborators added the sound of flight to the bottom of the work by carefully hanging keys.

On Reflection

On Reflection was the first exploration into the ways my collaborators described the way they gather information. To be in a single space gathering the multiple facets of information was later given the word 'ness'.


This piece sits alongside that of learning to define my collaborator's different experiences and definitions of learning and education. It is bound in wire with staring eyes. My collaborators wrapped this piece in the wire, made the eyes and asked me to add rocks to tie the cloak down to express how they felt.


This Wearable Art piece explores the ways in which adults with dyslexia view learning as exuberant, engaged and moving. Learning is about exploration and possibilities. At the exhibition this was an interactive piece. Each of the different coloured ribbons represents different degrees that many of them had gained.

"It's Thinking"

Four images which are pieces of a single image hang loosely being affected by the environment. They require movement from the viewer and engagement to help them to make sense. In NZ this is called a 'koru' and represents life.

"This is who I am..."

A collaborative piece with a woman in Manchester in the UK where I made a work to express her experiences over her lifetime. She was in her 30's and had just found out she was dyslexic. The piece represents her looking back at her experiences and her diagnosis of dyslexia.

Telling Our Stories: A Dyslexic Perspective

The works here were created as part of PhD research where I sought to understand a dyslexic perspective on dyslexic experience.   These are the works in which I was  involved - there are also additional works created as part of the exhibition including interactive installations.  The work was predominately from New Zealander's but the project involved research in NZ and the UK.

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