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portrait exploring researchers role

Ruth is a Sensory Anthropologist who works in different mediums to explore the experiences and expressions of people's everyday lives.  Ruth currently works at Massey University   Ruth is interested in interior dialogue, memory, imagination, bodily perception, embodied knowledge and silences, and uses visual, sensory and bodily perception within her collaborative arts practice. Her work is multi-layered multi-media - including digital animation, sculpture, soundscapes, experimental film and digital collage- using experimental research methods to understand peoples lived experiences. . 


Part of her work is challenging the stereotypes around dyslexia and neurodivergence/diversity which is why she started JoUETPrints.   JoUET is short for Journey of Unexpected Extraordinary Things.  There is so much pressure around reaching what are claimed are 'normal' goals and expectations in life but the reality is that there are valid different ways of being and these need to be celebrated.  Ruth draws on her research as an anthropologist to create the designs in her store.    

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