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The Dyslexic Collective was initially made up of a group of adults who were part of the original research.   Together we help Ruth by advising her on support work she creates along with the development of new research projects.  The dyslexic collective is also a channel now on YouTube with tips for surviving and thriving at tertiary study from a dyslexic perspective.

Ripples Planner 

This page helps with initial responses to questions see   https://youtu.be/aSbJ6tGgz5w     for details on using the sheet .

The Wave

Working with the feeling of being overwhelmed by Uni questions.  To find out more check here  https://youtu.be/aSbJ6tGgz5w

This PDF is for students who are in tertiary study and want some ways to help them with the writing and reading workload.

This PDF is for tutors and lecturers who want to support their dyslexic students.  The information includes ways to support students when giving assignment feedback as well as tips for putting together lectures etc....